eGovernance-Enterprise Web Service Solution

eGovernance-Enterprise Web Service Solution

The concept of an “electronic government” promised many benefits such as lower cost of operations, extended service hours and channels, greater overall efficiency and simplicity. However if not executed properly, an electronic government initiative could handicap government businesses and individuals that need to transact with the government instead of becoming a force for progress.

The primary challenges that a government must contend with when commencing an eGovernance initiative are:

Envisioning the end-result of how a eGovernance initiative would or should look like.
Deciding on the overall approach to take.
Defining success and progress parameters.
Recommend standards and technologies to implement.

Syscon’s solutions for eGovernance address all of the above issues and is based on Service Oriented Architecture based tools and products.

Syscon’s solutions are based on open standards, extensible technologies and innovative use of IT for providing solutions for eGovernance initiatives.

Syscon’s approach is unique because of –

Open, standards based approach to building eGovernance Solutions.
XML, J2EE, .NET combined to create a technology agnostic solution.
Extensible framework based development.
Use of SOA/Web services based tools and products.
Cost-effective implementation based on offshore delivery model of execution.