The concept of an "electronic government" promised many benefits such as lower cost of operations, extended service hours and channels, greater overall efficiency and simplicity. However if not executed properly, an electronic government initiative could handicap government businesses and individuals that need to transact with the government instead of becoming a force for progress.


At this juncture where highest levels of quality and productivity are demanded by the market place, to be globally competitive is what it takes, ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ law rules for the industries. To facilitate the industries, the technical up gradation is required on a regular basis.

What we have nurtured in Bangalore is an organization that is inimitable in it’s position and a player who can consolidate the market as a genuine convergence operator on a totality basis and offer it’s customer a true value added service. We find pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading consultants engaged in Engineering Outsourcing.


Syscon Technologies is a state-of-the-art Technology Software Consulting firm. It believes in providing value-added services to its customers by providing the best-of-the breed solutions to challenging customer requirements. It is at the forefront of technological developments with an unmatched commitment to use latest technological tools innovatively for providing creative solutions to global customers. It has a very strong focus on Systems and Software Modeling.


The key guiding methodology of SYSCON is Model Driven Engineering (MDE). It has a very strong foundation in developing solutions using Formal Modeling (Analysis, Design, Auto Code Generation) and Test Automation technologies.

Syscon Technologies provides fully integrated solutions, based on leading innovative tools (on need basis), solving the problems associated with balancing the pressures of rapid development times and delivering high quality systems and software.

The result is a complete systems and software lifecycle chain that operates seamlessly through the requirements, specification, design, implementation, and test development cycles.

Syscon has a strong focus on "Delivery". It aims at reducing "Time To Market / Time To Delivery" of its customers as its top most priority.

Syscon's solutions include:
1. Complete Product Development
2. Technology Consulting
3. Outsourcing Partner

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