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  Writing Web applications
  There are many Web application frameworks which facilitate rapid application development by allowing the programmer to define a high-level description of the program. The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC), CGI Security, and OWASP are projects developed with the intention of documenting how to avoid security problems in Web applications. We deliver applications in technologies like Asp.net, Php and Java/J2ee.
  Syscon advises clients for the following architectures/process/solutions
  A service-oriented architecture is an information technology approach or strategy in which applications make use of services available in a network such as the World Wide Web. Implementing a service-oriented architecture involve developing applications that use services, making applications available as services so that other applications can use those services, or both. SOA is as an approach to connecting applications (exposed as services) so that they can communicate with (and take advantage of) each other. In other words, service oriented architecture is a way of sharing functions (typically business functions) in a widespread and flexible way.
  SOA implements Loose coupling which means that the client of a service is essentially independent of the service. The way a client (which can be another service) communicates with the service doesn't depend on the implementation of the service. The client communicates with the service according to a specified, well-defined interface, and then leaves it up to the service implementation to perform the necessary processing. Loose coupling enables services to be document oriented (or document-centric). A document-oriented service accepts a document as input, as opposed to something more granular like a numeric value or Java object. The client does not know or care what business function in the service will process the document. It's up to the service to determine what business function (or functions) to apply based on the content of the document.
  A web service is a service that communicates with clients through a set of standard protocols and technologies. These web services standards are implemented in platforms and products from all the major software vendors, making it possible for clients and services to communicate in a consistent way across a wide spectrum of platforms and operating environments. This universality has made web services the most prevalent approach to implementing an SOA.
  Applications such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Integrated Collaboration environments have become imperative for organizations that need to maintain their competitive advantage. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the process of linking these applications and others in order to realize financial and operational competitive advantages.
  EAI is the solution to the unanticipated outcome of generations of development undertaken without a central vision or strategy. The demand of the enterprise is to share data and processes without having to make sweeping changes to the applications or data structures. Only by creating a method of accomplishing this integration can EAI be both functional and cost-effective.
  EAI is a response to decades of creating distributed monolithic, single purpose applications leveraging a hodgepodge of platforms and development approaches. EAI represents the solution to a problem that has existed since applications first moved from central processors. Put briefly, EAI is the “unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise.”
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