Syscon Protocol Analyzer Tool for SOA based Application

The messaging between the Service Access Providers, Gateway and the Services Providers. Where Service Access Providers are the end point through which the Citizens and Businesses access the Govt. services, the Service Access Providers offer access through Internet and for rural and low literacy level areas through dedicated Govt. Services Kiosks. In effect, the Service Access Providers try to bridge the Digital Divide and to facilitate interactions with Govt.

The Service Providers are the individual Govt. Departments that offer their individual services.

The model of interaction through the Gateway is predominantly asynchronous, however, synchronous model of communication is also supported for services that are not easily modeled through the asynchronous messaging paradigm.


The Syscon Protocol Analyzer Tool demonstrates the capabilities of Syscon Technologies to do Protocol Testing of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

Phase One: Will complete the Gateway Protocol (considering only the Gateway as the SUT). Similar testing can be done also for the Gateway prior to a Service Provider.
Phase Two: Will be an integrated Test Set up for considering both the Gateway and the Service Providers.

Some Core Activities are:

  1. Project Orientation and Test Plan Development (including the Test Methodology Plan)
    • Understanding the eGovernance Framework.
    • Generating Test Specifications based on the Protocol specifications.
    • Test Plan Development for conforming to the Requirements based on the standard.

  1. The Protocol Analyzer will be built using Conformance Testing Methodologies.
  1. The Project Team for developing the Application requires the following skills:
    • Project Management Skills for Product/Tool Development (protocols knowledge and implementation experience)
    • Expertise in Protocol Specifications.
    • Test Specification Generation includes Test System Architecture
    • Writing Test Scripts (Requires expertise on Protocol)
    • Test Script Adaptation Expert (Communication Logic)
    • Test Script Adaptation Expert (Encoding/Decoding Logic)
    • XML/SOAP for HTTP 1.1 expertise in Service Interaction and Messaging.
  1. The Tool User Interface:


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