Quality Control Tool for Small Component Inspection System.

Duration: 5 months.
Technologies: Ubuntu Linux, C++, QT framework, IEEE 1394A (400Mb/s), USB based IO board.

Brief Summary:
SCIS is meant for identifying defective small components being manufactured at very high speed. This system captures image of the components and analyzes them on the fly against various criterions. For
example shape, chipping, scratches, stain, pogo, OCR. It can signal an external robotic arm to pick up and reject the faulty components and save the images for later retrospection.

The tool also provides many image analysis functions such as histogram and projection. The tool also enables high speed online inspection as well as step by step inspection under debug mode. The excellent Graphical User Interface provides ease of use to Shop Floor operators.

The project was reengineering from existing Windows based tool to Linux based, to achieve high ppm rates as well as better real time performance. We achieved 4000ppm rates compared to previous 1500ppm.

Moreover, it has full Internationalization Support (Far Eastern Languages and European languages).



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