Flash and Multimedia
  We have a strong focus in multimedia development, with expertise in creating eye-catching, content-rich, interactive CD-ROMS, Business Presentations, Animation works, Architectural Walkthroughs, CBT titles etc for businesses of any size.
  Graphic Design is the key in creating a positive impression on your prospective client. Most customers make a "yes or no" decision about your business within seconds of seeing your marketing "look", be it your web page graphics, company presentation or marketing presentation. The buyers’ decision is based almost exclusively on first impression made through the visual impact of your business presentation.
  We believe the key to our success in developing multimedia for our customers lies in our ability to understand their vision, and convey that vision using powerful multimedia development tools.
  Our in-house art directors and graphic visualizers design innovative broadcast graphics and animation to enhance your campaign. We create compelling concept-driven images that lend a unique visual signature to each project, large or small. By emphasizing diversity in your promotional style we can help you maximize the efficiency of your corporate presentation materials.
  Our multimedia development services include
  Corporate/Product Presentations
Multimedia websites, authored in Flash and Shockwave
Modeling separate objects, buildings, landscapes
Architectural walkthroughs
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