Syscon has a wide range of experience in development and testing for telecom solutions. Having the right skill sets in product life cycle, cutting edge technology, in-depth domain expertise and flexible business models to be your preferred outsourcing company. Syscon also offers reliable Testing Services that gives customers the cutting edge by shortening the time of delivery and sticking to quality parameters.

The company undertakes full life-cycle software development, consisting of problem definition, system design, detail engineering, implementation and testing and total project management.
Syscon can help in accelerating your new product design and development process by leveraging our telecom domain expertise, product process and engineering capabilities.

Main Areas:

  • 3GPP family – UMTS (UTRAN), WCDMA , LTE
  • 4G - WiMAX IEEE 802.16m, LTE ADvanced
  • IP & ATM based Packet Switching Protocol Stacks
    IN based Services
    IN-IP Convergent Services
    Network Management Solutions (Manager, Agent) for Switching System
  • Syscon has in depth understanding and has an increasing capability-profile. A snapshot of Syscon's capabilities in Telecom domain.
  • 4G - WiMAX IEEE 802.16m, LTE ADvanced
  • 3GPP family – UMTS (UTRAN), WCDMA , LTE
  • Protocol Development / Testing :
  • Call Processing
    Supplementary Services
    Protocols (SS7, ISDN, ATM Signaling, IP -MEGACO, SIP)
    IN-IP Convergent Services
    Switch System and Network Simulators
    Subsystem and System Level Testing
  • Real Time Operating System:
    OS extensions (Memory management, timers, Task and Queue, Interprocess communication);
    Crash vector design and implementations
    O.S. Wrappers
  • SNMP : Java and web based NM systems
  • Embedded Software Call Processing:
    Administration (subscribers and services);
    Operations (Remote tests, Fault management, Traffic analysis, Performance);
    Supplementary services (Call restrictions, Hotline, Call forwarding, Call completion, etc);
  • Mobile Multimedia
  • Software Tools/Methodology :
    OOAD and UML2 methodology, CORBA, SysML, SDL , TTCN2/3 .
  • IP technologies :


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